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The Social Media Platforms

The social media platforms have more than 3.8 billion users globally and 99% of them are on mobile phones and with the rise of areas such as Facebook marketing, Google Marketing, E-commerce, digital marketing has become a vast and in-demand tool in Singapore. The way we market goods and services has changed dramatically. Selecting short courses in social media marketing allows you to explore some of these emerging and established areas to build a new career or switching a mid-career.

Successful Business Using Digital Marketing Platforms

Covid-19 Pandemic has proven that most businesses need some online presence and need to attract new customers to maintain sustainable growth. We have seen business success during this pandemic when they diversify into Digital Marketing platforms such as Facebook live, Facebook and Instagram marketing, E-commerce, Google search engines, zoom meeting, and many more.

Learning with confidence

We offer our learners the opportunity to develop a number of key digital marketing skills. Our Facebook Marketing and Google Marketing short courses in Singapore will give you the opportunity to learn Digital marketing in a nutshell. And is also taught by practitioners to help our learners examines some of the most Digital Marketing Strategies used. Giving our learners a new experience and gain insights on different types of Social Media Platforms.

Learn Facebook Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Implementation Modules:

1) Digital Marketing Campaign

  • Setting up Shopify e-commerce site
  • Plan & Manage e-commerce campaigns
  • Measure campaign metrics & conversion

2) Facebook & Instagram Marketing (Social Media Marketing)

  • Run ad campaign on Facebook & Instagram
  • Content workflow & guidelines
  • Data analytics using Facebook Pixels

3) WordPress – ( Webdesign & Content Management)

  • Create WordPress website
  • Content planning & creation
  • Optimize website metrics

Learn Google Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Optimisation Modules:

4) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Intro to Google ads
  • Content optimization
  • Long-tail keywords research

5) Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Search engine keywords reaserch
  • Setup Google search ads
  • Google ads tools

6) Google Analytics

  • Web & Data analytics tools
  • Segmentations & Tracking
  • Consumer behaviour & customization
ICDL Digtial Marketing

ICDL Digital Marketing

1 course

Advance Digital Marketing

Advance 6 Courses



Graphic & Photography course

Graphics Design

3 Courses

ICDL Office Skills

 6 Courses